The Programmer God

are these anomalies proof we are in a simulation?

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The Programmer God

The question as to whether our universe is a Matrix-style computer simulation (the simulation hypothesis) is, like God, considered a philosophical debate, for it is presumed that it cannot be proved (or disproved).

However, there are anomalies (a mathematical relationship) between the mass space and time dimensions of our universe (kg, m, s, A, K) that constitutes evidence we are in a simulation, for they cannot be explained by a physical universe, furthermore they suggest coding and this implies a Programmer.

wiki: Physical constant anomalies

From these anomalies, and by using the physical constants (G, h, c, e, me, kB), we can derive natural Planck units from which to re-construct the universe source code. This text, the Programmer God, is a discussion of that source code.

The ancestor simulation proposes that an advanced civilization could simulate our universe to the degree that we can observe. Conversely, a deep-universe (Programmer God) simulation begins with the big bang and constructs the universe in its entirety, down to the smallest detail - the Planck scale (if an atom was the size of the entire universe, then Planck length would be the size of a tree, that's how small the Planck scale is -Brian Greene).

In the deep-universe model described here, at the Planck scale the functions we refer to as mass, length, time and charge are embedded into geometrical objects MLTA, the geometry of 2 dimensionless physical constants; the fine structure constant alpha and Omega (alpha = 137.035999084, Omega = 2.0071349496).

Planck units

wiki: Geometrical Planck units

These MLTA objects can then be combined Lego-style to form more complex objects; from electrons to apples to galaxies, via this unit-number mathematical relation between the units (kg, m, s, A, K), a relationship which, according to physics, cannot be (we cannot measure distance in kilograms and amperes or mass in length and temperature) ... yet embedded within the dimensioned physical constants (G, h, c, e, me, kB) is evidence of this unit relationship and so this simulation hypothesis model can be easily proven (see wiki: anomalies).

This unit number relationship also shows how to combine the (kg, m, s, A, K) units so that they may cancel and form a unit-less (dimension-less) object, the electron is an example, for although embedded within the electron object are the physical MLTA units, the electron itself has no dimensions, it is dimensionless.

the electron is a mathematical particle, not a physical particle

Likewise for the sum universe to remain dimensionless (for in sum total the universe is simply data on a celestial hard-disk), but also to create (the dimension of) time, the time to read this passage for example, the universe must in the appropriate ratio also create the dimensions for mass and space ... and so as the universe grows older, it also grows larger and more massive ... likewise if time were to reverse, the universe would have to shrink in size and mass. And so, when observed internally we see this massive space time universe,

if observed externally, there is no physical universe

From these MLTA objects we can reverse engineer some of the coding and use this to emulate the electron, gravity, relativity ... however, although this coding uses mathematical forms we are familiar with (as the source code would of course be the origin of these familiar forms), the geometries are used in ways that we are not familiar with, and we will have to develop new mathematical tools to decipher the underlying logic.

The code for example uses a geometrical base-15 for dimensionless objects (such as the electron). By implication therefore, the presence of this coding could be considered as our first tangible evidence of a non-human intelligence.

Essentially we appear to be in a geometrically autonomous universe, electrons orbit nuclei, not via a set of inbuilt laws, but from geometrical imperatives (the electron and proton geometries), the expansion of the universe as the engine driving this.

Where these geometries (the laws of nature) are invariant, we may construct formulas to describe them, aka the laws of physics, and as these geometries become more complex so too become the formulas we use. Any non-repeating patterns however (i.e.: back-doors built into the source code), would by definition lie outside the laws of physics and so be classed as miracles, these however would be no less valid.

For a general introduction to the deep-universe Programmer God hypothesis

wiki: Programmer God

For a general introduction to this Programmer God (the mathematical electron model)

Coding the Cosmos

if particles delineate our physical universe yet particles are mathematical structures, then ours is a mathematical universe.

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