The Programmer God

are these anomalies proof we are in a simulation?

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Although this model is a mathematical description of the universe, it presumes an external intelligence, thus there are many philosophical implications that can be explored, principally what is our (personal and humanity's) relationship to this simulation? is there what we could define as Purpose? This would refer to a Higher Purpose that transcends the material world (our mass-space-time universe,) for a simulation may have many layers. The mathematics gives no clues, but throughout history there is a common theme to religious thought, and that is the Battle between Good and Evil. Here we look at Good and Evil through the simulation prism. Where relevant I have included quotes from the Bible New Testament because this is the text I have some familiarity with, but notably also, even if these are not authenticate quotes, to have been included in the Bible we may presume that they represented prevailing philosophical thoughts of that era.

The Great Game

By the summer of 2020, it was clear that the repo crisis of Sept 2019 was inevitably going to change the financial system, currencies would have to be backed by commodities and the consumer-driven economy built on cheap resources was coming to an end. However, instead of preparing for the world to come, where resources and the environment have their limits, the global elite, via the World Economic Forum, publically announced their Great Reset, where every aspect of our lives would be under their control and according to their whims. We would own nothing and be reduced to soul-less digital data in the eyes of the global state.

This led to a consideration of what could be the Purpose behind a Programmer God simulation universe, for all of our simulations have a purpose. We cannot know the dramas that unfold within the Heavens, but a common thread to religious and philosophical thought describes a battle between Good and Evil, and so this was chosen as the theme used to interpret the events then unfolding..., the following essay an attempt to understand Purpose in terms of The Great Game, for not only is this is a game we all must play, it is for us a game of life and death. It is the ultimate game.

Zoroastrianism is one of the world's oldest continuously practiced religions, based on the teachings of the Iranian-speaking prophet Zoroaster. Zoroastrianism has a dualistic cosmology of good and evil and an eschatology, predicting the ultimate conquest of evil by good. The opening chapters of the Book of Genesis provide a mythic history of the infiltration of evil into the world. God places the first man and woman (Adam and Eve) in his Garden of Eden, from whence they are expelled. -wiki

1. the universe simulation has a Purpose
2. we are integral to this Purpose

1. "Right and Wrong"; these can be cultural manifestations under the purview of sociology; where what may be correct in 1 culture may not be correct in another, they are also personal, and based on changing criteria (self-justification), it is wrong to steal, however it is not actually wrong to steal from (...) because (extenuating circumstances ...).
2. "Good and Evil"; prerogatives of the heavens (albeit played out in the world of men), and so independent of any social constructs. This suggests a "Universal Truth" built into the simulation source code itself. A simulation may have many layers, but only 2 directly concern most of us; Good - with its association to the unseen 'spiritual' realm, and Evil - prominent in the material 'physical' realm (our 3-D space-time universe). To offset this home ground advantage of Evil (i.e.: to maintain the game in a balance), the maintenance of Evil requires more resources than Good (tyrannies for example require means of coercion and censorship and so are less sustainable). Good, being an inherently ethereal concept, would require us to sense an unseen Higher Purpose, one that elevates us above material comfort.

The Game can be neither too easy nor too difficult, for it must occupy the majority of us as a life-long challenge, where internally we face a struggle between the forces of Light and Dark, and externally (in society as a whole), humanity participates in the battle between Good and Evil.

Note: This was originally taken from a series of interviews in July 2020, it is now March 2022, the 2nd and 3rd horsemen (the 1st horseman being disease) of the biblical Apocalypse (war 2022 and global famine 2024) are being prepared as the western economies continue their controlled demolition. The 4th horseman is death.

Is The Great Game reaching its climax?

British museum

Adam and Eve

In the biblical story of Genesis, humanity begins with Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve were in paradise (the Garden of Eden), essentially we presume this to mean that resources were unlimited (anything they wanted could be picked from a tree), and there was no disease, no predators, no ageing, no death ...

Placed in a modern context, let us suppose that for whatever reason; environmental collapse, nuclear war ..., human life cannot be sustained as it is now. Many of our present activities however could be conducted in a virtual world, a Meta-verse, if we had computers fast enough, then my virtual self could take a virtual flight to a virtual tropical island where it could eat virtual foods and swim in a virtual ocean and I could experience all these things as if I were physically there.

Let us suppose this is technologically possible; while our physical bodies are placed in some kind of hibernation pod, we, via a computer neural network, connect our minds to the virtual world … and this virtual world, like the Garden of Eden, would be a paradise, resources, being virtual, would be unlimited, there would be no disease, our virtual selves (our avatars) would not age and our physical bodies, maintained in these pods would require little energy, and being isolated from disease, stress and so on, may survive for millennium while we live on in this virtual world of the mind.

1 day an avatar, we can call her ‘Eve’, picks up her iPhone and clicks on a random link, this permits the Diablo (Satan) virus to enter. The virus uncovers the admin password for Eve, she then scrolls through the iPhone’s hidden data and learns that she is simply a character inside a simulation. Such knowledge the avatars were not programmed to have, this causes the program to glitch and reboot.

2 The woman said to the serpent, “We may eat fruit from the trees in the garden, 3 but God did say, ‘You must not eat fruit from the tree that is in the middle of the garden, and you must not touch it, or you will die.’”
4 “You will not certainly die,” the serpent said to the woman. 5 “For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

The program restarts but now it imitates the original world. In this rebooted simulation the avatars are disconnected from their real selves. The pre-Apple (the Garden of Eden) world is erased, the virtual resources are now limited and the avatars have to work for their food, they also experience disease, ageing and death, as in the real world. The simulation enters a new phase.

19 “By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground, since from it you were taken; for dust you are and to dust you will return.”

Good and Evil

The Adam and Eve story introduces a duality of Good and Evil, this duality (the knowledge of Good and Evil) hadn’t existed prior to the incident with Eve and the Apple, for Good and Evil, like work and death, are post-Apple concepts. We do not question that birth and death are very real to us, and so could it be that Good and Evil are equally as real, as real as our mass, space and time physical universe itself, and that Good and Evil form an integral part of this universe simulation.

In this simulation model, mass, space and time can overlap, cancel and disappear, and so inversely we can create mass, space and time from 'the void', and in the process build a physical universe. And so if Good and Evil are similarly opposing properties, they could also appear under the right conditions. And if they are real, if they are not just concepts within the human mind, then this battle between Good and Evil may be integral to the rebooted simulation, and so could it be that an interplay between Good and Evil has, in some part, shaped the history of mankind? In other words, if Good and Evil were encoded into the simulation source code as Purpose, then to paraphrase Shakespeare; ‘our physical universe is the stage, all men and women are players; and one man in his time plays many parts’.

First let us define right and wrong as attributes of society, some are cultural, some relate to the laws of that society, and some are moral codes. On a personal level we self-justify actions that are wrong but not really wrong because (insert justification).

We then define Good and Evil as the prerogatives of the Gods, for they, like the physical constants, are built into the simulation source code. This leads to a spiritual battle being played out on earth, but perhaps in the heavens also (Purpose). For us, Good and Evil should therefore be independent of any society, and so should be self-evident, and would point to a Universal Truth, for if we can all conceptualize Good and Evil, Evil as the dark force with Good as that to which we should aspire, then the very act of acknowledging these concepts could be considered as evidence of a Universal Truth that transcends societies.

This sounds quite straight forward, but clearly history shows it is not. In theory evil should be shunned, and so in order to survive, evil would have to confuse the picture, the clarity of vision between good and evil becoming fuzzy. To justify our actions we can disguise Evil as Good, however for Evil itself to win the battle, Evil would have to remove the very notion of a Good (and in process hide the notion of Evil), and this would also require eliminating God, for God symbolizes Good …, ultimately with the object of replacing Good and Evil (and Higher Purpose) with a secular right and wrong (and material comforts).

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.
- French poet Baudelaire

If we can end up with a purely secular society, a society without a God or Universal Truth as a guide, then whoever controls the narrative of that society, whoever controls the media**, controls all. Thus it is necessary for Evil to ensure the denial of a Higher Purpose*.

*Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World
"A New Theory of Biology’ was the title of the paper which Mustapha Mond had just finished reading. He sat for some time, meditatively frowning, then picked up his pen and wrote across the title-page: ‘The author’s mathematical treatment of the conception of purpose is novel and highly ingenious, but heretical and, so far as the present social order is concerned, dangerous and potentially subversive. Not to be published.’ … A pity, he thought, as he signed his name. It was a masterly piece of work. But once you began admitting explanations in terms of purpose – well, you didn’t know what the result might be. It was the sort of idea that might easily decondition the more unsettled minds among the higher castes – make them lose their faith in happiness as the Sovereign Good and take to believing, instead, that the goal was somewhere beyond, somewhere outside the present human sphere, that the Purpose of life was not the maintenance of well-being (earthly pleasures), but some intensification and refining of consciousness, some enlargement of knowledge. Which was, the Controller reflected, quite possibly true. But not, in the present circumstance, admissible."

**About 80 million died in WW2, yet of the atrocities committed, 1 crime stood out, and that was medical experiments performed by German (and Japanese) doctors on prisoners. Judged after the war by the Nuremburg war crimes tribunal (the Doctors trial), 7 doctors were sentenced to death and the Nuremburg Code of 1947, a set of ethical research principles for human experimentation, was formulated into 10 points entitled under "Permissible Medical Experiments".
The Nuremburg Code makes no reference as to the usefulness of the drug, only applying to the drug trial phase whose purpose is to determine the safety and efficacy of the drug, which cannot be known beforehand. In April 30, 2020 trials for an mRNA (vaccine) therapy were initiated for a 3 year period, the trials to be concluded early in 2023. However during the trial period billions of shots were given in contravention of the Code with the media employed to criminalize dissent. What had hitherto been seen as the ultimate Crime against humanity had been twisted into a laudable practice. And almost nobody noticed.

The Spiritual realm

We normally associate the spiritual world with the realm of the Gods, but the Adam and Eve story can give us another interpretation; prior to Eve’s Apple incident with the Diablo virus, there was no Good and Evil, work or death. After the Apple reboot, the Garden of Eden split into 2 parts, what we would call the spiritual and physical, as the twin venues for this Good and Evil theater.

In this context, our physical universe, the material realm, is only 1 part of this Great Game, what we define as the spiritual realm could be a mirror part of the Game, a part that we can intuit, but which we cannot directly experience with our senses. The definition of a physical world is that it has dimensions by which it can be measured, and so we could speculate that the spiritual world could operate under different rules, there need not be any mass or space or time as we experience here. Under this duality there is a physical ‘me’ here, on earth, and an ethereal ‘me’ there, in the spiritual world. But both worlds are parts of the same simulation, the same Great Game.

And so this Great Game could have many parts, of which our physical world is just one, the game being played out on different levels, as a multi-dimensional chess.

The differences between the physical world and the spiritual world would then blur, in the above context the 2 worlds are integral to each other. We traditionally think of them as separate worlds but this may be a simplification, the spiritual world perhaps storing the information generated by the physical world.

I write this because, in this model the (universe) data storage capacity increases proportionately as the universe expands, thus prior information (the past) cannot overwritten (by the present - i.e.: 'now' is on the surface of our expanding universe). This would be akin to saving not just a word document, but all the keystrokes used in writing that document, and so instead of saving just the final version, we also save every letter and every correction. This then means that all the information (to the quantum level and below) that I have generated from my birth until the present remains, and it cannot be over-written - and so the past is a candidate for that region 'where we may store our treasures, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal' (Matt 6:20). The spiritual me could thus be a creation of the physical me, and so only when I (my physical self) can no longer add further information, being that moment when I die, is my spiritual self (the sum of my physical life) complete.

The notion of a Good and Evil as prerogatives of the Gods associates Good with the mysterious spiritual world and Evil with the material world. I steal 100 dollars, my theft will have an immediate benefit in the physical domain, for the money I stole can be used in the material world…, or I could give someone 100 dollars, my altruism would have no obvious benefit to me, yet I still feel otherwise, that somehow a benefit has been accrued … could it be that this benefit resides in that spiritual realm, in other words there is a benefit, it remains unseen to us here, but is added to our ledger there, on the supposition that we also have some tangible presence in the spiritual realm. 

Oscar Wilde wrote a book, the picture of Dorian Grey in which Dorian made a pact with the Devil where Dorian could live a life of debauchery but never age, meanwhile the real face of Dorian (what Dorian really looked like), was depicted on his portrait hanging on a wall. And so that stored information (our past), and not our physical bodies (our present), would be the portrait of the real us, and these portraits are hanging on a wall in that spiritual realm as the sum total of us (the karmic sum of all information we generate from birth to death).

"The life of an individual is in many respects like a child’s dissected map. If I could live a hundred years, keeping my intelligence to the last, I feel as if I could put the pieces together until they made a properly connected whole. As it is, I, like others, find a certain number of connected fragments, and a large number of disjointed pieces, which I might in time place in their connection. Many of these pieces seem fragmentary, but would in time show themselves to be essential parts of the whole. What strikes me very forcibly is the arbitrary and as it were accidental way in which the lines of junction appear to run irregularly among the fragments. With every decade I find some new pieces coming into place. Blanks which have been left in former years find their complement among the undisturbed fragments. If I could look back on the whole, as we look at the child’s map when it is put together, I feel that I should have my whole life intelligently laid out before me."
-Oliver Wendell Holmes (1809-1894)

The Material realm

In the bible it is written that the devil offered Jesus rule over the material realm (Luke 4, 5-7 And the devil, taking him up into a high mountain, showed unto him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. And the devil said unto him, All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it. If thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine), implying that they (the levers of temporal power) were within the realm of the Devil, otherwise the Devil could not make such a grandiose gesture.

And so one sign of this spiritual/physical divide would be moves by Evil to separate Man from the spiritual, to promote a purely secular society, replacing the clarity of Purpose and a Universal Truth with shades of gray that in turn collapse and fade away, leaving a spiritual void filled with a secular religion (If thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine).

Thus it is necessary for Evil to ensure the denial of Universal Truths, for without these we can have no moral code by which we may define ourselves. Once phrased as tolerance for the LGB community has now morphed into state imposed protections for the T+, LGB can now be discarded from the mainstream discourse for it still acknowledges there are only 2 sexes. Targeting children in satanic rituals (grooming, mutilation ...) is a particularly egregious biblical offence (Matthew 18:6 But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea). The Church (as a symbol of the spiritual realm) must be defiled through an act of desecration, that act is then rationalized by emotive terms such as tolerance, for if Evil can frame (and so restrict) this act to purely secular terms, then any debate regarding this act is confined to the secular world. The greater context, that of a struggle between Good and Evil, is obscured and lost. The principles which hitherto defined the church, then become vague and diluted, the church morphing into a secular institution, its spiritual roots eviscerated.

Formerly the church put a break on the power of kings, for to the people the church represented a higher power. If the church abdicates its role, if there is no longer a Universal Truth as a permanent reference, and no God as a higher calling, then material slogans remain unchallenged by Higher Purpose, and this appears in novels depicting a dystopian Technocratic World such as 1984 and Brave New World.

In such a scenario truth is an early casualty, moral or ethical considerations would be discarded, for decisions would no longer be questioned or phrased in terms that invoke a God, but instead reduced to mere expediency. We are no longer surprised to learn when our leaders are lying and they incur no penalty for doing so. Indeed it is those who have the courage to speak the truth who are denigrated and penalized for their audacity to expose the lies. Hypocrisy reigns.

We know they are lying,
they know they are lying,
they know we know they are lying,
we know they know we know they are lying,
but they are still lying.

- Attributed to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

We see clearly in this age of mass media how an event that is normally considered a wrong, going to war, or any form of victimization for example, is preceded by a marketing campaign whose purpose is to dehumanize the other side, the enemy (defined as the common threat). This enemy is represented as evil, in order to justify the intended use of terror - which itself is an evil, but whose aims are presented as righteous and noble (good). That this (a spiritual war) is evidently necessary (hate and fear must be generated before physical violence can begin) is seen by the huge resources devoted to such marketing campaigns, there can be 24 hour news cycles for months constantly repeating the same mantra. Good and evil are likewise only invoked as a tool of rhetoric sans any spiritual dimension. (Boris Johnson, the UK Prime Minister, in a recent (March 2022) speech on the Ukraine war “... I cannot think of a time in international affairs when the difference between right and wrong, between good and evil, has been so obvious ...”. and yet while expressing these noble sentiments, the same Johnson flew to Kiev to prevent a peace agreement between Russia and Ukraine.

The Climax

The zodiac appears to parallel the bible. The full zodiac takes about 26000 years, this is called the precession of the equinoxes and is divided into 12 parts, which are our zodiac signs, and so each sign lasts about 2200 years.

In Genesis it is written, God made the heavens and earth in 7 days. Let us assign to these days the first 7 zodiac signs.

The next bible story is Adam and Eve which would be Gemini, also known as the twins or Adam and Eve.

Following this has Moses leading his people from Egypt to Israel, the symbol worshipped then was the bull, Taurus. Then the story of the Israelites, symbolized by sheep, which is Aries, and then Christ, the fisherman of men, which is of course Pisces the fish … and now 2000 years later we are entering Aquarius, the 12th and so final sign in this zodiac series.

With Aquarius to the north, we have Leo the lion to the south and Taurus and Scorpio to each side (east and west). We see these 4 symbols depicted in cathedral walls positioned behind the 4 gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, so historically many important people clearly took these ideas seriously.

If Aquarius is when the game reaches a climax, then we need to know the objectives of the game, what would constitute a win by either side, if these sides are represented by Good and Evil?

If the game involves both physical and spiritual worlds, and if the physical earth is the domain of Evil, then Evil would have to dissociate the physical realm from the spiritual realm with the objective of eliminating the influence of the spiritual.

The individual has an internal struggle, perhaps better defined as a conflict between Light and Dark, with Good and Evil phrased in a group context (referred to as humanity) indicating that there are ideal societal values that are independent of society itself. Evil has then to first break down this community based humanity before it can be replaced with the 'individual'.

Animal collectives apply swarm intelligence, the hive mind concept. Conversely there are mathematical models (game theory) which imply that human societies can still be stable if they are comprised of individuals motivated only by selfish motives and by paranoia, a society where you cannot trust anyone and you work only for your own material benefit. We now have 2 opposing models, group swarm intelligence and the selfish individual.

The BBC documentary ‘The Trap, F..k you buddy’ by director Adam Curtis looks at how game theory was implemented as a tool to manipulate and control society. Those with access to the levers of power; generals, politicians, bureaucrats etc. and who were motivated by higher ideals, love of country and so on, had to be replaced (as the models could not predict how they would act) by those who were motivated solely by self-interest and so actions could be measured with rewards and penalties. Unsurprisingly, the moral and ethical were replaced by the vain and arrogant. Game theory rose in the 80’s, enabled by the rise of computers, in it we the people were sold this new society model as the road to freedom, but it was a strange kind of freedom, paradoxically the more freedom we were supposedly given, the less freedom we seemed to have. What happened next was that we adapted to this new paradigm, but it was an artificial paradigm and created great distortions. It did however have the effect of transferring massive wealth to our oligarchical elites and so perhaps they were not displeased with the outcome.

Likewise, more recently we have been sold the ideas of tolerance and diversity, yet the more tolerant and diverse we try to be, the less tolerant and more polarized our societies become. Increasingly we find that we are being sold A (the greater good, under a banner of a noble cause) but receiving B (its inverse), instead. We can no longer rely on the traditional meanings of words. This social engineering experiment on a global scale is replacing humanity based swarm intelligence with computer generated models of human behavior.

This typically begins with a carefully phrased and innocuous scenario to which for most people, considering themselves reasonable would, perhaps with minor reservations, but for the sake of consensus, agree to. The agenda of Evil is to use this to open a Pandora’s Box that breaks down previously accepted taboos, particularly ethical codes, leaving a void in their place that is open for manipulation by a manufactured 'cause'. 

Traditionally the strongest tribes were amongst the most cohesive, the individual had such a close identity with his group that he may even sacrifice his life for the common good. And so to weaken the tribe you must first weaken this cohesion. 200 years ago this was the unspoken function of missionaries, however noble their intentions, for to the locals food, nature and so Gods were intertwined, the rains fall - the harvest are good, no rain = no food … and as they were completely dependent on nature, the Gods played a central role. The missionaries, coming on their great ships and carrying all manner of amazing tools clearly had the more powerful God.

And so when the great armies from the west finally arrived, the rulers could no longer depend on their subjects who were now following the new God, and so these rulers either paid tributes to the invaders or they faced destruction. Whereas hitherto their power and wealth derived from their subjects, the people, it now was derived, and depended upon, their newly acquired guns, the people reduced to extracting the resources (wealth) of that country for their new masters.

The modern day version is the color revolution, where pro-democracy activists are the new missionaries, instead of a stronger God their appeal is washing machines and higher salaries … because money now provides us with what the Gods formerly did. When the revolution begins, the local oligarchs, who are seen as corrupt (usually for very good reason), cannot rely on their people and we have regime change (the replacement of local oligarchs by more powerful foreign elites who then install their own puppets).

Historically, to prevent any later rebellion, the unity of that society was broken by disassociating the people from the land (of their ancestors), by attacking their history and Gods, destroying monuments, defiling temples and so on, as these form the legends that unify societies, and then replacing them with an alien set of values with the intention of sowing division. Also is supported a massive immigration of incompatible groups (a population replacement), so that the nation itself becomes undefined. Under regime change we must also include the geo-political considerations of the new establishment. 

In a game theory 'brave new world', humanity would define itself by the material, whilst denying a spiritual dimension, but such a world describes a lonely and unnatural existence, and so to sustain the unsustainable, totalitarian regimes require the populace to fear each other, and to see each other as potential threats by encouraging an institutionalized paranoia. The people around me are not just my competitors, they could also be a physical danger, and so instead of associating with them, I have to avoid them, to keep a safe distance from them and not just metaphorically, but also by associating them with mistrust, crime, disease ... for as noted, game theory can best model the lonely and paranoid individual.

Hollywood has a recent genre, that of the non-human, perhaps an AI robot, acquiring a consciousness (and perhaps even a soul) and so becoming human, with the associated rights. Conversely, reversing this line of thinking, if men are to become disassociated from the spiritual, to be considered no longer to have a soul, then the individual will lose their special status (a priviledge bestowed upon them by virtual of being spiritual beings), and as simply 1 more member of society, will lose their access to inalienable rights (for these are a mandate from God), their individual human rights (which are bestowed by the state) to be subsumed to the celebrated ‘higher good’ of society. The Eloi masses (the QR code tagged cattle) are then completely at the mercy of the capricious whims of the oligarchical Morlocks via the mantra of Public Safety.

Although for many of the elite, themselves Evil's useful idiots, the Great Reset, under the guise of climate change and pandemic prepardness, is a cynical attempt to plunder the planets wealth (in their own words; we the people will own nothing), Evil will exact from them a higher price, for Evil is more interested in the human soul. And so we may anticipate, in parallel to the Reset, the elevation of Satan worship (covert and overt), for as promised in Luke 4. If thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine. Evil's useful idiots will thus be tasked with collecting more souls for their master. For this they can utilise the tools of government to enact laws (if perverts are given permission to enter girls bathrooms then perverts will enter girls bathrooms) and enact policies and provide budgets which promote a secular (as opposed to spiritual) religion (the pride flag equating to the country flag), and force businesses to hire the ideologically pure rather that the talented, as well as the marketing of ideologies at the expense of profits, for the agenda of Evil is not that of the shareholders. Ultimately free will (the ability to chose our Gods), will be replaced by the expediency of survival, for dissent must also be eliminated.

Those who have already sold their souls to the Devil in exchange for the material gain offered in Luke 4. are no longer concerned with questions of a spiritual free-will but instead face a different problem, and this is the question of Divine Retribution, for directly or otherwise there may be the misery and blood of many on their hands. Although they control the political and justice systems here on earth, their massed wealth and influence might be of no use to them in the Great Beyond, and so while they may play Gods here on earth with their wealth and power, they, better than us (for they have a direct knowledge of Evil), understand that they may be facing an equal, albeit inversed, existence in the next life (the next stage of the Game).

We can track a constant drift of humanity from nature; once upon a time the Gods and nature were intertwined with life, seen as the source of food, fertility ... but with the advent of oil (energy), we became able to control our environment, replacing the heavens with commerce (money) ... and we now find ourselves progressing further down this path with artificial foods, artificial environments ... heading into a transhumanism future whose goal ultimately is the separation of body from nature and then mind from body, eternal life, mind fusing with machine, the next stage in the evolution of man (although according to Yuval Hariri, the philosopher of the WEF, this will be restricted to the chosen people).

There are 'crimes against humanity', the Nuremburg trials were mentioned as an example, for which the death penalty is seen as just and fair. This is the ultimate penalty, for it takes away the right of the accused to 'exist' in the physical domain. We could also speculate if there is a corollary in the spiritual domain, where the rights to this domain are cancelled, in other words, the soul is 'erased'. If animals have no soul, then such condemned become as animals, for however powerful they are on earth in human society, lacking a soul they no longer have a 'Higher Purpose'.

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? -Mark 8:36

Game over

As Evil** is restricted to the physical domain it is easier to speculate on what a victory by Evil might entail. Evil, as the ruler of the material world, would necessarily seek to eliminate and dissociate mankind from the spiritual world, leaving mankind, now bereft of a soul, as just another part of the animal kingdom, satiating material needs for survival.

Good therefore could be seeking to return us to the pre-Apple world*.

In either case, the constructs of Good and Evil would then disappear, for rich and poor alike …

Game Over

*The garden of Eden had 2 notable trees, the tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Adam and Eve were permitted to eat from the tree of life.

*Evil, in this context is as real as the electron, and our universe is made up of electrons, so Evil is very real … except that when we look at the electron itself we note that it has measurable parameters; electron mass, wavelength, charge, frequency, spin … but that paradoxically there is no measurable or indeed physical electron, only these observable parameters. And so likewise it could be that played out within our physical selves are the parameters of Evil.